Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

As the leader in cleaning services in Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, Stuart and all the Treasure Coast, it stands to reason that Accurate Care Services should offer duct cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning as part of our service package. Air quality in the homes of our customers has become an issue of concern. If your ducts are loaded with dust, dirt, vermin and mold spores, potentially dangerous airborne particulates pass easily through the vents, through the registers and into the rooms of your home.

Call Accurate Care Services today and ask for an inspection of your ducts, or an inspection of the Dryer Vent. We will inspect your system and show you the contaminant level inside your vents We can actually point out suspicious material like mold with our high definition cameras to confirm that your vents need to be professionally cleaned.

With the best equipment and trained and certified technicians to man. Accurate Care will clean your duct system thoroughly, often in an couple hours or less. You can actually witness the cleaning process on Accurate Care’s tablet computer. You will be amazed as particles from all nooks and crannies of your ductwork are thoroughly swept and vacuumed out of your system.

There is absolutely no mess left for you to contend with, only clean fresh air to breath. You can count on Accurate Care Services to provide you and your family the best possible service, done by highly trained certified crews, following the format directed by duct cleaning industry standards.

Our process works well for all home and commercial applications. In most cases you will be able to smell the clean air as it rushes out of the heat register and floods your rooms with clean fresh air.