Fabric Protection Port St. Lucie

Fabric Protection that Really Works (Accurate Care Services, Inc) DID YOU KNOW that one of the best ‘feel good’ experiences you can enjoy is having freshly-cleaned carpet or furniture? And one of the most frustrating experiences you won’t enjoy is when, within just a few days, something like red wine, coffee or tea is spilled […]

fort pierce # 1 carpet cleaning company

At Accurate Care Services we have what it takes to be the # 1 Carpet Cleaning Company in fort pierce and the treasure coast and florida/ I challenge any cleaning or restoration company to it/ i want to start the first cleaning and restoration challenge event / if there are any companies out there in Florida […]

Bed bugs

                    Bed bugs                 Bed bugs are tiny bugs that have no wings. Their color can range from a white color when first hatched to a dark rusty brown color after feasting.  They are a nocturnal insect, which means they sleep during the day and feast at night. Bed bugs are attracted to humans […]

carpet cleaning for accurate care services palm city

here is a video for palm city carpet cleaning Accurate care Services video

find the right carpet cleaner in florida

Have you been living in your home or office like I have been for years, you may start to notice that the floors are not as bright as they used to be. This is simply due to age and high traffic levels that your home or office experiences each day. How do you find the […]