Leave Your Home Smelling Fresh From The Top Down & The Bottom Up
It’s what you can’t see that is in the carpet that you should be concerned about and that is largely because it’s a gigantic filter and it is basically no different than your air condition filter or any other filter.  Just looking at the carpet is not going to tell you your carpet is clean or dirty. Why?

Because sometimes it does not smell and it may look clean.  Often times, it’s what you don’t see and what you don’t smell that you should be a concern to you.  Even the most cleanest looking carpets collect germs, dust and soil below the surface.
I agree.  It’s not a pleasant, beautiful, good smelling scent when your carpet smells.

Can you imagine your reaction when you walk into a house and it smells awful because of the carpet odors.  It makes your entire house stink.  These tough smelly odors are no match for the carpet cleaning plus deodorizing steps that Accurate Care uses to alleviate odors.  The process used is geared to attack and get rid of food odors, pet and urine odors, vapor gases and dirt and grime odors.  Accurate Care deodorizing removes the source of the odors by:  copulates the odors, disinfects and eliminates odors and sanitizes and remove the odors.

Accurate Care has a special designed chemical free treatment.  Our cleaning solution is specially made for pet urine.  When it is applied to your carpet and upholstery fabric it attacks and changes the nature of the actual urine.  This treatment process extracts the urine and makes it easy to clean out the pet’s urine in your carpet.