Odor Control

What is An Odor?

Whether they smell pleasant or unpleasant, Odors are gases that people notice. Odors are gases which emanate from a source into the air, where they are perceived.

Are you experiencing unwanted odors:  mildew, pet odor smells, cooking odors, smoke odors, and don’t even know odors?  Odors are most apparent when the environments are warm and humid.  Higher temperatures greatly increase levels of odor penetrating into fabrics and surfaces.  Some surfaces preferentially absorb and hold odors because they are porous. Some odor problems can be remedied with just one technique; others require multiple procedures, relying on one deodorization technique as the only means of odor control may result with incomplete odor removal.

Because of the complexities surrounding odor perception, Odor removal professionals understand that the permanent removal of odors is complicated. Odor removal  tech know that one product or system will not necessarily resolve every odor problem encountered.  Successfully solving odor problems requires knowledge, proper tools and equipment for a variety of different procedures. Combining techniques is the best system for intense odor removal in a structure.   Odor Control is a process and it encompasses many different areas:  deodorizing, copulating, disinfecting and sanitizing.  Accurate Care Services implements 4 principles of Odor Control:  We locate and remove the source of the odor, clean the contaminated area, makes sure penetration of odor counteractants encompasses all surfaces and spaces and the affected area is seal around the perimeter areas to restore your environment back to its original condition, so you can enjoy a clean, good smelling, and fresh odor free environment within minutes again. All tech are IICRC Certified

Sometimes odor control can’t be removed using the deodorization, disinfection, copulation and sanitization.  If  the odor control process does not remove these odors then you must proceed to the next stage of odor Control.

Accurate Care Services removes Pet Odor, Smoke Odor, Cigarette smell, fire odor

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