Pet Urine Damage Treatment

Pets will have accidents too; no matter what you do and sometimes it is not all their fault either.  We need to amen to that statement because sometimes we make mistakes:  we and forget, close the entry door so the pet can’t get to their litter box or after work our brain went on vacation and we go shopping  and forgot we needed to rush home and let the pet out to party.

Finally, after our brain resurfaces, we arrive home and everything appears to be in order or so we think because we can’t see the pet’s urine that has been deposited into the carpet, but ,you can bet on this one,  just as sure as you make  deposits in the bank you’re going to smell the urine odors.  The longer it is left, the more it absorbs into the carpet fibers and the padding.

The acid sinks into the carpet fibers and cause discoloration of the fiber.  This is the main damage it causes to the carpet.  The longer the urine sits in the fiber the more the fiber break down and the tougher it is to reverse the damage, if it can be at all undone.  Now, in some cases, even if you can remove the odor the stains maybe the lasting result.