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The best way to remove a spot from your carpet. In 3 Easy Steps

 Do you have a stain on your carpet, and just can’t figure out how to get rid of it? As soon as you understand how, it’s not very difficult. This informative article can help explain how to remove a spot from your carpet. In a few simple steps,

 Step one is blot and absorb the stain, do not scrub the stain. By scrubbing the stain you may damage the fibers in your carpet.

The second step is rinse  the spot with water by using a damp cloth.

Your 3 rd and final step will be blot again, and let dry. This step can be an important one considering that the stain needs to be removed. For this last step it will be important to again avoid scrubbing the area, you don’t want to damage your carpet.

For the reasons given, it’s best to be certain to follow each step carefully. Please avoid the problem areas which were outlined. Carefully observe the suggestions above and you should have few or no problems.

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Simple tips to remove pet urine from your carpet.

Nobody likes the smell of their pets urine or even to see the stains. Below are a few simple tips on how to get rid of the stains and the odor.

Step one for fresh wet stains; blot the area completely with a dry cloth. That will keep it from settling into the carpet more.

Step 2.  Rinse the stain with the with a water using a damp clean cloth, and blot dry this will make getting out the stain and the odor more easily.  

Step 3. After  you have soaked up the stain, spray or pour a product that is made precisely for pet stains that have “live’’ bacteria and enzymes. This will eat away the odor causing bacteria. If it is a dried set-in stain you should repeat again after 24hours.

Cautiously observe the suggestions above and you should have few or no problems.

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