Ozone Treatment

Accurate Care Services uses an ozone generator that’s the most modern, technically advanced ozone generation system on the market today.
Ozone treatment is not a cover for odors – its actually destroys the odor without the use of toxic chemicals and containments.
We can zap the odors in your home from mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, virus, germs, and pathogens.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a very active form of oxygen. It is formed when oxygen is exposed to a high amount of energy that causes some oxygen molecules to break down into oxygen atoms. Then the oxygen atoms react with the oxygen molecules to form ozone. Keep in mind that ozone can actually decompose back into regular oxygen. Ozone is very unstable and has an average half-life of 20 minutes, which is why ozone must be produced at the point of use and cannot be stored in a container for later use.

What is an ozone machine used for?

An ozone machine can be used for many reasons. Ozone is the second most sterilizing machine in the world.  Ozone is used to destroy bacteria and viruses, precipitate heavy metals such as iron, allowing them to be filtered. Also it can remove the rotten egg smell from water which is caused by hydrogen sulfide. One of the most popular reasons to use an ozone machine is to eliminate odors and microorganisms.

Is an ozone machine safe?

It is safe to use. There are different levels of ozone that can be used. A low level of ozone is safe enough to be used even with people and animals around. However the high levels of ozone are to be blasted into rooms were people and animals are not present.  It is more effective to have a high level of ozone blasted into an unoccupied room, so the mold and bacteria can be killed quicker.  Once the treatment is finished ozone decomposes back into regular oxygen safe for people and pets.

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