Is carpet in schools safe for the children?

By Joseph Roman • October 17th, 2010

Is carpet in schools safe for the children?

Many people have questioned if the carpeting in schools is safe or could it be an aid to the respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma some children are developing. Although all of these concerns have come to be unproved, the question is still at large. Recently the HICPAC( Healthcare infection control practices advisory) have found that carpets in schools improve indoor air quality because it captures and holds dirt, contaminants and allergens would become airborne if there was no carpets in the schools. In the late 80’s carpets were banned from schools in Sweden. The asthma rates escalated. However whether carpets should be in schools or not is a highly sensitive topic to discuss.  Every opinion should be based on Facts, and studies.

Benefits of carpeting in schools

Carpeting reduces slip and falls

Less glare, therefore improved sight

Reduces noise

Enhances comfort, walking on cushion rather than hard floor reduces fatigue in the legs.

Both hard surface floors and carpeted floors have their advantages and dis-advantages for schools. Hard surface floors can provide an easy surface to clean up spills, but some chemical cleaners can cause asthma symptoms, and any reused bucket water can cause assist in air quality problems.

Carpet that is properly installed and maintained can last up to 10 years longer than a hard surface floor. A “life cycle cost analysis for floor covering in school facilities” conducted by the IICRC, found that carpet is 65% less expensive to maintain than hard floor surfaces.

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