VCT Stripping & Waxing

flooring requires consistent maintenance to keep a health shine, At accurate Care services we provide this type of service.
We offer full service stripping & waxing and daily maintenance programs.

What is Vct? vinyl composition tile (VCT)

How do I Maintenance Vct after installation?

First you need to Sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor thoroughly to eliminate all loose dust and dirt. Use a putty knife to gently pry off gum, candy and other sticky items. Remove any dried adhesive residue with a clean white cloth dampened with mineral spirits, carefully following warnings on container. Damp mop the floor with a properly diluted neutral detergent solution. Machine scrub, or strip the floor for at least four days after installation. This is to prevent excess moisture from interfering with the adhesive bond and/or seam treatments. Before you apply coats make sure your water is clean, then Apply two – four coats of a high-quality commercial floor  wax

NOTE: It is important to protect the floor during the installation and construction phase. If other on-site work is continuing, consider using a protective covering such as plain,  kraft paper to guard against damage to the new floor. When moving heavy fixtures or appliances over the flooring on casters or dollies, the flooring should be protected with 1/4″ or thicker plywood, hardboard or other underlayment panels.

How do I clean and fix the vct flooring?

Scrub the floor with a properly diluted neutral detergent solution Floor Cleaner and a scrubbing pad (blue/green or equal), or equivalent brushes. If the floor is badly soiled and/or scratched, strip it using the same procedure but substituting a stripping solution. Stay away from cheap stripper and wax visit a janitorial supply house.

Thoroughly rinse the entire floor with fresh, clean water and allow it to dry completely.

Apply 3 to 5 coats of high-quality commercial floor polish

How do I do a Daily Maintenance on the floor?

Sweep, dust mop or vacuum daily to remove dirt and soil that can damage the floor and become ground into the surface. Use walk-off mats that are as wide as the doorway and long enough to trap dirt and moisture before traffic reaches the floor. Remember to clean mats daily.

Damp mopping of the floor should be performed on a regular or daily basis depending upon traffic and soil levels in the structure.

 Periodic Maintenance

When needed, scrub the floor with a properly diluted neutral detergent then use a single disc or automatic floor machine and the appropriate scrubbing pad (red for light scrub, blue/green for a deep scrub)

If using a single disc floor machine, remove dirty cleaning solution with a wet vacuum or mop.

Thoroughly rinse the entire floor with fresh, clean water and allow it to dry completely.

If there is sufficient polish or wax remaining on the floor,  burnish to restore gloss.

If needed, additional coats of floor polish or wax may be applied at this time.

Accurate Care Services offers a variety of vct tile maintenance skills and services. We can clean the smallest doctors office or a large shopping center. No matter your needs we are here to help Emai us @ or call us @ 866-991-7891

Accurate Care Services now offers state wide services for Stripping & Waxing Vct : Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Palm city, Stuart, West palm Beach, Tampa, And Vero Beach Florida.