Carpet Cleaning Myths

By Joseph Roman • October 17th, 2010

 Carpet cleaning myths

Myth: Steam cleaning will ruin my carpet.

Answer: Most carpet cleaners use the hot water extraction system, which is also known as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is many customers perforation, because of the thoroughness of this method. The steam cleaning is the most recommended, but if done by a non-professional or a un-education cleaner, he might over soak your carpets and this could cause more problems to appear.

Myth: My carpet doesn’t look dirty, so I don’t need it cleaned.

Answer: Many people have this same train of thought in their minds that if there carpet doesn’t look dirty it doesn’t need to be cleaned. However some carpets can hide dirt and soil more than others. If you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. All dirt weather it’s hidden or not acts as an abrasive. This can result in early wear and tear of your carpet, and even loss of color.

Myth: I might over vacuum my carpet.

Answer: This cannot be done. There is no way to over vacuum your carpets, even if you vacuum faithfully every day, and then twice on Sunday your carpet will not get damaged.

Myth: Carpet is more expensive and harder to maintain than hard floor surfaces.

Answer:  A good maintained carpet only needs to be vacuumed twice a weekly, a periodic extraction is necessary. The sweeping, mopping, stripping, waxing, and buffering that you need to do for the hard floor surfaces is much more demanding and costly than carpet.

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