Bed bugs

By Joseph Roman • August 23rd, 2010

                    Bed bugs

                Bed bugs are tiny bugs that have no wings. Their color can range from a white color when first hatched to a dark rusty brown color after feasting.  They are a nocturnal insect, which means they sleep during the day and feast at night. Bed bugs are attracted to humans because of our body heat. These tiny bugs favor feasting on our shoulders and arms. Hotels, motels, apartments, shelters and prisons are mainly were bed bugs can be found. Simply because of the high occupant turnover rate. This does not mean these places are unsanitary, it’s because an occupant has ran into bed bugs at some point and is carrying them with them in their bags clothes etc.

                Females can lay one to twelve eggs a day. It can take up to 10 days for an egg to hatch. So you can say these tiny bugs multiply fast. When first hatched the bed bugs has to have a feeding in order to advance to the 1st stage in their life called the 1st nymph stage.  Once the bug has had its first feeding it will turn white and grow larger. A bed bug had to feast five times before becoming an adult.

                A bite from one of these bugs is painless, but over time the skin will become irritated and inflamed. Also some people experiences sever itching that can last for several hours, or even days. It has been reported that some people have even developed stress, and insomnia with bed bug infections. Infestation can be recognized from stains of blood from crushed bugs or fecal spots and eggs shells might be found in tiny corners of tables, walls and any little crevice a bed bug might want to make his hiding spot.

                It is important to carefully inspect and bags or clothing that you bring into your home. Frequently vacuuming your premises and mattress, and washing your clothes and curtains in very hot water can help control your home from infestation. Bed bugs are not caused by poor sanitation. Infestations must be introduced by bringing in an item that contains bugs or eggs associated with it, but poor sanitation and clutter can make it more difficult to control or keep bed bugs out.

                If your house becomes infested with bed bugs go ahead and start the pre-treatment methods. Remove all clutter and clean out every corner of all tables, walls, dressers. Also your mattress and head boards should be cleaned and inspected. There are many treatments you can buy at the stores for bed bug infestation, but if its more serious than a treatment can handle its highly recommend you hire a professional like Accurate Care Services

Health Concerns:

Bed bugs have been implicated in the transmission of a wide variety of infectious agents, although their status as vectors is uncertain. It has been suggested that they might play a role in the spread of Hepatitis B; however experimental evidence does not support this. Bed bug bites becomes itchy welts on the skin that can cause allergic reactions.

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