Removing grease from your carpet

By Joseph Roman • August 23rd, 2010

                                                Removing grease from your carpet

                Removing grease from your carpet might seem tricky, the sooner you can treat it the better.

1. Start by blotting the area that has grease with a clean lightly colored cloth. Always remember to blot not scrub. Work from the outside to the center, that way you’re not spreading the stain.     

 2. Spray the grease with the appropriate cleaning chemicals for your carpet. You want to make sure the mixture you are using is safe you’re the type of carpet that you have.        A dry, absorbent, cleaning compound may be used as a substitute to minimize drying time.

 Nail Polish Remover – Two types of nail polish removers are available. One type contains acetone, a dry cleaning solvent. Use the same precautions as with other dry cleaning solutions. The second type contains amyl acetate, which is used in many paint, oil, and grease (POG) removers. Many POG removers leave residues that may cause rapid soiling. When using a POG remover, always rinse the area thoroughly with a dry solvent. (See Residue Precautions.)

 Solvent – A non-flammable spot removal solution, or dry cleaning type solvent, is preferred. Exercise caution when using a solvent. Never pour it directly onto the carpet or allow it to reach the backing, because it can damage the latex that holds the primary and secondary backings together. Acceptable solvents include Carbona®, Energine®, K2R®, Goof-Off®, etc.

 Detergent Solution – Mix one fourth (1/4) teaspoon of a liquid dishwashing detergent per one (1) cup of lukewarm water. NEVER USE A STRONGER CONCENTRATION! Thorough rinsing is necessary to remove detergent residues that may cause rapid soiling. It may be necessary to rinse with warm water several times to completely remove residues. (See Residue Precautions.) Care should be used in selecting a detergent. Never use a laundry detergent of any type, because laundry detergents may contain optical brighteners (fluorescent dyes) that dye the fiber. Do not select an automatic dishwashing detergent because many contain bleaching agents that destroy dyes and some fibers.

 3. With a clean dry cloth blot the stain until no more shows up on your cloth. You might have to spray the stain again and dry it up more than once depending on how deep the stain is on your carpet.

 4. Then spray the spot with water and blot dry until all the chemicals you used on the stain is up. Leaving residue from the cleaning supplies could collect more dirt and create another stain in the same spot. Also use cold water, which will help from letting the grease settle more into the carpet.

 5. Let the area dry and then vacuum the area to return the fiber texture in the carpet back to normal.

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