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By Joseph Roman • August 9th, 2010

Have you been living in your home or office like I have been for years, you may start to notice that the floors are not as bright as they used to be. This is simply due to age and high traffic levels that your home or office experiences each day. How do you find the right carpet cleaners for your place of work or home? Everywhere you look you will see lots of advertisements for lots of carpet cleaner establishments. Every one of them will try to show you that they are the best carpet cleaners in the world. As professional Carpet and Restoration cleaner operating all part of Florida, we set out some of the best ways of making a decision to identify the best carpet cleaners in your neighborhood and ensure you get the most appropriate type of clean for your carpet.

Taking a few minutes to look at the different types of Carpet cleaning options and the particular type of carpet you have in your offices or home will enable you to make the right decision. You will find that there are a number of different carpet cleaning methods which all have their own advantages and of course disadvantages.  Not all cleaning companies will take the time to explain the disadvantages of the method they want to use on your carpet. You need to know them. 

Dry Extraction: they use a power chemical that rubs into your carpet that bonds to your dirt or stains and then pulling them away from your fibers making it easy to vacuum away. 

    Pro’s- this is good if you don’t want your carpet wet, or to spot clean a spill

    Con’s- does not clean your carpet to the full advantage as hot water extraction does, does not wash out pet stains, leaves residue in carpet

Hot Water Extraction: 75 % of cleaners out there use this method and 90 % of carpet manufactures recommends it.  A chemical cleaning liquid applied on carpet then a low pressure of pressure water and then a wet vacuum cleaner to extract the water

     Pro’s- Good for deep cleaning of carpets, will wash out most pet stains, will get a cleaner looking carpet then other methods

      Con’s- if not clean right will brown out your carpets, inconvenience of not walking over your carpets for hours “ you could install air movers to reduce dry time”

Encapsulation Cleaning: Very good for commercial cleaning/ this method use a spray that that encapsulate the dirt and then followed by a Encapsulation machine /

    Pro’s – very good for commercial cleaning , cleans and drys fast then hot water extraction, leaves carpet looking great.

    Con’s- not good for home’s / won’t offer a deep cleaning to your carpet/ you still have to follow up with hot water cleaning once a year.

You should always get estimates from a few carpet cleaning companies.  I know some companies will put all estimates into price order then delete both the highest price and the lowest when picking a cleaner ask about methods being used and why they have chosen to use that particular method on your office  or home,  Always ask for copies of safety data sheets they can’t supply they are not the professionals you are looking for. Ask about how long the clean will take and how soon afterwards you can use the room.  You should always make sure that you know the history of the carpet cleaner as well as inquire if background checks are performed by the company.

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