Hurricane Preparedness

By Joseph Roman • July 23rd, 2010

Accurate Care Services is a full services water damage company/ the following is a Hurricane Preparedness Checklist that will help you Thur a storm.

  1. Make sure you have supply of food/ canned food are best
  2. Have new batteries
  3. Have a Radio batter operated
  4. Have at lease a gallon of bleach
  5. Very very important please have a manual can opener
  6. containers to store drinking water(1 gallon per person a day)
  7. copies of important documents
  8. duct tape
  9. have some eating utensils ” disposable “
  10. have a list of emergency contact numbers available
  11. a pre-print it evacuation map
  12. gas containers  full of gas
  13. a fire extinguisher “make sure it’s full and up-to-date”
  14. first-aid kit
  15. flashlights(one per person with spare batteries)
  16. gas grill or stove/not recommended to use indoors
  17. Hammer, Nails, Ax’s, knife,handsaw
  18. mosquito repellent
  19. 3 to 4 day supply of prescription medicine
  20. large trash bags

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